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Our human resources are not improvised agents, nor are inexperienced individuals who come to initiate training with us; Each of the elements that integrates Saint George come to contribute and add their expertise and proven experience gained during their hard work in the Armed Forces of our country.

All of them have been followed up on their exemplary and diaphanous career and are subsequently selected, prior to their separation from active service.

Everyone knows and practices the laws that govern the country, which have invariably given fulfillment, since we do not admit anyone who has had a criminal record or violated military law.

During their work in the Armed Forces, they have been prominent in various regions of the country, performing certain specific security activities; These circumstances allow us, when requested by the clients, to appoint the right man for the required function.

In addition to the above and unlike the foreign options that come to our country to offer its services; All our human resources, without exception speak the native language. They also have a strict policy of censorship, and this is vitally important to mention, given the delicate issues that must sometimes be addressed and the confidentiality demanded by many of our intelligence services.




Mission & Vision

St. George's Mission.

Address security needs in a comprehensive way, aimed at safeguarding the physical integrity of our customers, as well as their real and personal property.

Provide general and specific information services necessary for decision making.

Provide all types of training in our specialties, as well as the selection and prior evaluation of the participating human resources.

Our main goal is to respond promptly, responsibly and effectively to the needs of prior counseling, during and after an event.

St. George's Vision.

To be leaders at the international level in the provision of integral services of security and intelligence. Share the success of our services, in the success of our customers.

We have set as operating principles the following:




Continuous improvement.









st george mexico mesa directiva


Directed personally by its founding partners, Saint George Executive Group was born of a select group of professionals and very experienced public ex-officials of Mexican and American nationality, who have performed with remarkable success within the organs of justice and military intelligence, as well And the US Department of Homeland Security.

Each of these Executive Directors have full recognition of the offices of the Government of which they were formerly part, as well as of the trust of society in their countries of origin, for their courageous, exemplary and transparent professional career. They also have a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the problems prevailing in the region, as well as a vast network of personal, corporate and governmental contacts in their places of origin and in many countries of the Americas where they were previously highlighted.

Thanks to the professionalism, discretion, honesty, efficiency and discipline demonstrated by all the human resources we have, Saint George Executive Group is nowadays consolidated as one of the leading security and intelligence consulting companies.
We hope that you will soon be able to extend our wide range of services with the quality and professionalism you deserve, contact any of our offices or consultant you require in the "Contact" section in the upper right of the main menu.


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Business Hours

Monday - Friday 
10.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday - Sunday 
10.00am - 2.00pm

Business Location

Interlomas, México,
52786, MÉX

Business Contact

Tel. 55.6269.6686
Tel: 55.6269.6685
Whatsapp: +52.1.8119.6413.16



Private Security Permits.

C.E.S.C : 213/ 26-05/ I-II-IV-V-VI-SP
D.G.S.P. : 0816-17
C.N.S. :


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