Our technological development allows us to manufacture a unique encapsulated shield in Mexico, giving greater protection to officials of all levels with a lower weight. This technological advance increases the life span of any armored vehicle, in all its engine systems.

"We have our own development and design areas, and more than seventy qualified technicians. We have the capacity to produce 360 armored vehicles annually, and we always maintain a stock of vehicles for immediate delivery, at different levels of armor. We use ballistic materials with state-of-the-art technology, certified worldwide by laboratories in the United States, under the NIJ-STD-III-0108.01, NIJ-STD-IV-0108.01."

Saint George Executive Group has a team of qualify experts in service and advice in car armoring. We specialize in applying technologies and best shielding practices, aimed at meeting the highest quality and protection requirements for our users, always offering the best portfolio of armor products. With more than 20 years experience in armoring vehicle manufacture, we have two maintenance and scientific development plants, with an area of 2,500 m2, the most modern machinery in the international market, engineers constantly trained in countries such as States United States of America, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Brazil and Israel.


Our commitment is to satisfy the needs of specific protection for each of our clients guaranteeing their safety.

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Business Hours

Monday - Friday 
10.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday - Sunday 
10.00am - 2.00pm

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Interlomas, México,
52786, MÉX

Business Contact

Tel. 55.6269.6686
Tel: 55.6269.6685
Whatsapp: +52.1.8119.6413.16



Private Security Permits.

C.E.S.C : 213/ 26-05/ I-II-IV-V-VI-SP
D.G.S.P. : 0816-17
C.N.S. :


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