Armoured Police Cars

Armoured Police Cars


Saint George specializes in technological development for law enforcement protection, we manufacture tactical vehicles for high risk operations against organized crime.

Like the rest of our vehicles, our encapsulated armoured technology is used to manufacture light armoring, lasting up to 35% longer life in engine, transmission, differential, suspension, and brakes system.

Even a surprise attack to this vehicles will protect you from any element and will repel any aggression from the attackers. All this with the advantage that vehicle will continue moving, still in a defending position. These vehicles are versatile for urban or off-road use.

We have the certifications of the SSPF that authorize us as manufacturers: RA-329-02-11 / 08/09/121 / VIIASE / 001 / 11-01 / sp / VI-RA.

We offer permanent consultancy.




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Business Hours

Monday - Friday 
10.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday - Sunday 
10.00am - 2.00pm

Business Location

Interlomas, México,
52786, MÉX

Business Contact

Tel. 55.6269.6686
Tel: 55.6269.6685
Whatsapp: +52.1.8119.6413.16



Private Security Permits.

C.E.S.C : 213/ 26-05/ I-II-IV-V-VI-SP
D.G.S.P. : 0816-17
C.N.S. :


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