Child Protection

Child Protection

There is nothing more frightening than losing a child in a crowded mall or amusement park. As a parent or childcare professional, it is important to keep an eye on young children, regardless of location or age. However, when a child wanders away, or worse, is abducted, you need a way to find and retrieve them quickly.

GPS Tracking for Kids

With the Ops Hightech GPS child tracking system, parents and childcare providers can locate and retrieve children quickly should they wander off, get lost, or be abducted. Our child tracking solutions also provide a panic or call button that, should a child become lost or separated from a parent or babysitter, they can push to put them in contact with that person. This reassures both the caretaker and the child while also expediting the process of finding them. Customizable alerts can be directed to parents’ phones or computers, even when the alert is also going to a babysitter or daycare worker.

How to Implement GPS Child Tracking Software

The Ops Hightech platform provides a child GPS tracking system that is easy for parents and caretakers to use. Personal trackers can be placed in or on common items such as backpacks, shoes, or clothing, to ensure that a child can be quickly and easily located. Several devices incorporate customizable SOS buttons and even two-way voice communication over a cellular network, so children can directly communicate with a parents or babysitter until help arrives. All of these features and many more are quickly accessible through a computer or mobile device, so no matter where you are, you can find your child.

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